Places in Woodhaven

1. Rivers End Lodge

A lodge and kitchen owned by Darven Khole, a human male, who retired from the city guard, and deeply loves the town. Darven takes great pride in his establishment and is always looking to improve things.

2. Stormwatch Tower

An ancient wizard tower turned into a watchpost. Generally stationed with two guards at a time. The tower is rumored to contain underground catacombs.

3. Stables

Ran by Thom Ross, a human male, but often assisted by the city guard as some of the militia horses are housed here as well.

4. The Ancient Silverbark Tree and Temple

One of the oldest Silverbark trees in the forest that also serves as an elven grove and temple. Resided over by Ryvalan Riverkeeper a male high elf cleric of Corellon.

5. Market Meadow

A forest meadow that is used for the town’s merchant trade once a month.

6. The Floating Fighter

Lord Kendrick, a retired human paladin, of the Order of the Lion, now runs this lodge and tavern that is often frequented by the Order for not only the great food, but the stories themselves, often led by Lord Kendrick himself.

7. Silver Citadel

The Silver Citadel is home to The Order of the Lion. Aelarythai Leonyn, a wood elf, is high paladin of the Order.

8. The Lion’s Gate

The city’s northern gate.

9. Unicorn’s Run

The southern gate of the city.

1o. Dragon’s Raze

The Raze is the open field between the keep and the town’s interior wall that was once part of the surrounding mountainside. The mountainside was destroyed, along with an ancient fortress, during the last days of the Dragon War.

11. Barracks

This building houses the militia in times of need, but is mainly used in the training of the city guard. Every summer the city hosts a camp for youth to teach defensive tactics, ending with The Silver Leaves autumn festival.

12. Keep

The keep houses the city guard led by Tavynn Fangblade, a half-elf general. Tavynn resides in the keep along with the small band of warriors that make up the city guard.

13. Magic of Eversong

The towns only magic shop. Its proprietor is Astrad Eversong, a quirky female Halfling wizard, who is quick to smile and is always dressed with some color of purple.

14. Deep Cavern Arms and Armor

Tarumn Ironfall, a dwarven craftsmen, sells arms and equipment for Clan Brightbuckle here.

15. Bright Scale

Bright Scale is a dual temple; the right side houses the clerics Tyr, while in the left resides the healers of Lathander.

16. Falling Mist Fountain

This majestic fountain resides in the center of the city. It is a remnant of the ancient fortress of old. How did it survive the Dragon’s attack and what secret might it hold?


18. Hall of Twilight

This hall serves as the town meeting hall. It also contains a library, a map room, and various study rooms.

19. Forbidden Mists Outfitters

This local supply store is owned and ran by Alandra, a female wood elf, and her son Darthyn, a half elf ranger who serves as an outrider and guide on the Lake of Forbidden Mists.

Places in Woodhaven

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