People of Woodhaven

1. Darven Kohle (human male fighter), proprietor of the River’s End; good-natured, fun-loving, fights only if given no other choice

2. Lord Kendrik (human male), proprietor of the Floating Fighter; gruff, but good at heart

3. Thom Ross (human male), stable keeper

4. Ryvalan Riverkeeper (high elven male), priest of Corellon

5. Tavynn Fangblade (half-elven male warlord), captain of the guard; brusque militaristic leader, but will help anyone if he can

6. Aelarythai Leonyn (elven male paladin), paladin of Corellon; laid back for his race, kind, generous; hard as steel when needed

7. Astrad Eversong (halfling female wizard), owner of Magic of Eversong; quirky, gypsyish, quick to smile, loves to joke, always wears purple

8. Tarumn Ironfall (male dwarf), owner of Deep Cavern Arms and Armor; one-eyed, lovable, caring, but often grouchy dwarf

9. Adronsius – Dwarven Male Alchemist

10. Zerriksa – Human Female “Gypsy Witch”

11. Alandra – Wood Elf Female – Proprietor of Forbidden Mists Outfitters

12. Darthyn – Wood Elf Male Ranger – Works as outrider and guide on Lake of Forbidden Mists

13. Kartenix – Human Male Fighter – Captain of the Guard (Deceased)

14. Thurann – Human Male – 8 years old – Kartenix’s son

15. Ilion – Captain in the Order of the Lion

16. Kalen – Dharven’s young helper at River’s End

17. Fistus – Sage at the Hall of Twilight

People of Woodhaven

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