Dragon Wars

The Dragon Wars was a dark time for Peril’s End, and all surrounding communities. It was a time when the last of the dragons rebelled against the slavery the elves had held them under for the last thousand years. The dragons found a weakness in the elves spells, and broke free of their magical control, and thus the Dragon Wars began.

Dharyen Dharkfox, currently of the Council of Seven, was at the time the sole ruler of Peril’s End, a mighty elven community that ruled most of the land north of Woodhaven. A place where many of the elves still live. Centuries before his birth, his ancestors had found a way to enslave the dragons in their area. As he grew up, the enslavement of the dragons was just the way it was. It was how he was taught it should be. His people were not cruel, nor did they despise the dragons, they simply saw them as an intelligent beast that could take much of a burden from their weary shoulders… If they could be controlled. So Dharyen continued this tradition because it was convenient, and to try to end it would mean civil war.

Eventually, about 30 years ago, a silver dragon named Xilathar found a weakness in the spell that was dominating the dragons’ will. When she exploited the weakness, and the dragons’ wills once again became their own, the Wars began. Xilathar, primarily concerned only with freeing all the dragons, commanded her closest allies to attack Peril’s End, the center of the elven community. The elves, not even realizing that the dragons were liberated, were completely unprepared. Quickly amassing his forces in Peril’s End, and leaving The Talon, his highest ranking general, in command of the forces on the outskirts of his city, Dharyen tried to hold the city. The dragons quickly made a burning, sizzling, poisonous wreck of Peril’s End.

Xilathar, wanting only to be free, was content to leave it at this, but Denagoth, a large black dragon, wanted to be sure no one ever tried to control them again, so he followed a group of survivors to Woodhaven, where they were frenziedly trying to pack themselves into a mountainside fortress. Denagoth decimated the fortress, the mountainside, and all those within as a warning to never again try to control a dragon. The place of this attack is known in Woodhaven today as Dragon’s Raze.

Dragon Wars

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