Council of Seven

The Council of Seven is the ruling council of Woodhaven. It is made up of one representative from each of the major races that make up the town: elves, dwarves, halflings, and humans. There is also a representative from the merchant’s guild and a representative from the temple. The High Defender from the Order of the Lion represents the seventh member of the council, but only casts a vote in order to resolve a conflict in which there is a tie.

Dharyen Dharkfox – A high ranking elven bladesinger, tied closely to the elven leadership. Dharyen is intelligent, but haughty, and mistrusting of dwarves.

Aldark Shieldbreaker – Emissary to the council from the dwarven settlement. Fierce and stubborn, yet honest and trustworthy, Aldark always keeps the dwarves best interests in mind.

Enoch Highgallows – Perhaps once the best thief under five feet tall, Enoch has flown straight for the past ten years and has become something of a symbol of hope for the halflings of Woodhaven. Still not far out of his prime, Enoch is hardened and agile; he is sly, but very good-hearted and keeps the good of Woodhaven on the forefront.

Cole Hewer – A noble of Woodhaven, who gained his title by founding Woodhaven many years ago, out of the rough woodlands in which it still stands. Cole is an elderly man now, but his son Caine is swiftly following in his father’s footsteps. Both are honorable, hard-working, hard-fighting men who will stop at nothing to defend Woodhaven.

Glaurin Goldstone – Glaurin got his seat on the council because of his merchant status. He has part ownership in many businesses in Woodhaven, including half-ownership of Deep Cavern Arms and Armor.

Marlynn Highwalker – Marlynn is the high priest of Lathander in Woodhaven. She is smart and light-hearted; putting the concerns of Woodhaven only behind her oaths to the Morninglord.

Aelarythai Leonyn – As the High Defender, Aelarythai has many duties upon his shoulders. Though he is laid back for his race; when a threat to Woodhaven arises, his steel shines.

Council of Seven

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