Chronicles of Neverlost

A RANGER’S PATH Chronicles of Neverlost

I am Neverlost Greycloak and what follows is an account of my trials and triumphs, my victories and defeats, a tale of my journey. A ranger’s path…

I am a half-elven orphan. I know not my real name or where I come from. What I do know is that I call Woodhaven my home. I was found by an elven woodmaster who would teach me the ways of a Ranger and Scout. When I ask Tiberous Greycloak about how I became lost for him to find me…he simply states “you were never lost and shall never be, you are a gift given by the Lord to take as my own son.” From this sentiment I am given my name…Neverlost. I also take this to heart as a belief that no matter where I am or what is occurring I am exactly where I should be.

If you are reading this epilogue to my journey I truly hope you have found this journal rummaging through my pack, and not because my travels were cut short and this forlorn account is now part of a lost treasure. However if the latter is true know that I am still where I was intended to be and that I never left my path…The Path of a Ranger.


Chronicles of Neverlost

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