Wildlands of Woodhaven

Valeron's Tower
Mystery of Magic

{Begins with us @ Valeron’s Tower in the morning after resting the evening before}

While searching for an entrance to the tower The Sentinels unlock an illusion trap.
-We managed to stop 3 before the Salamander proved to be beyond our abilities.
Valeron appears and stops the illusions
-He opens the sealed envelope that was a message from Hilthas from “V” (The note tells of an ally and a campaign coming together while bringing “Glory to The Talon
-He also tells us that Atrin is untraceable and an assassin of the highest order, thus beyond our abilities.

{ends with as staying as guests in Valeron’s Tower}


{Begins with us awaking @ Valeron’s Tower}

|Head back to Woodhaven and try to find information about The Talon.
-Uriahdyn goes to see Darven Khole

Harker Farm
The home of Cain

Rescue Cain and his father. Arrive to late to save the mother who was tortured by Atrin (evil bugbear).

Road to Valeron
Gnome Wizards???

{begins with us back in Woodhaven}

Content Not Found: Neverlost Content Not Found: Uriahdyn Content Not Found: Branch Content Not Found: Rhyvenn
Mithral Chain Silver Holy Symbol Cloak of Elvenkind (+1)Light steel shield
(1)Composite _(2 increasing)_ Longbow (+1)Warhammer MW Battle axe MW Flail

Leather Armor Maker:Look for burned out oak and the faint path to the right.

Valeron(Gnome Wizard)
|-can help break seal on note|
|-lives in tower 4 days ride NE of Woodhaven|

{stops with us meeting at Falling Mist Fountain in town}


{begins with us splitting up to gather information in Woodhaven}

Content Not Found: Branch_ and _Content Not Found: Neverlost visit The Hall of Twilight
|-visit the fabled map room|
|-meet with Fistus(Sage at the hall)|
|-Neverlost gives Fistus new maps he has drawn from his adventures with The Sentinels|
|-find and copy a map to The Tower of Valeron|

Content Not Found: Uriahdyn_ and _Content Not Found: Rhyvenn Go to River’s End and acquire rooms.
|-speak with Darven Kohle (former adventurer and proprietor of River’s End)|
|Uriah ask Master Kohle to keep an ear open for any word of the hellspawn they encountered at Well of Tortured Souls|
|-sends a messenger to Tavynn Fangblade (captain of the town guard) about the demon sightings.|

Chronicles of Neverlost

Awake the next morning and ride out (Neverlost has saddled the horses) to the Silver Citadel
|-Rhyvenn gives a verbal report to Ilion(Captain in the Order of the Lion)|

Well of Tortured Souls
Down into the abyss...an abandoned well where the undead walk.

Pathfinder Begins and the Sentinels of Valor are born… We are camping in the woods outside of Woodhaven just enjoying the company of true friends and kindred spirits when we stumble into an old ruin finding a charred wizard inside a summoning circle. Paladin recognizes the type of Demon…Dretches, with Uriahdyn telling us about the summoning circle. Myself and scout just trying not to panic and keep our bows at the ready…DEMONS! Here in Woodhaven. We find inside:

A) 1 scroll of detect chaos
B) 1 Scroll of Protection from Chaos
C) 1 Magically sealed envelope

Inside the belly of the Crypt next to the ruin we battle 2 Dretches, and finally defeat them. They seemed to me to be able to shake off damage and the battle was in doubt…

{ends with us heading back to town to report our findings…}


{begins with us in camp on our 2nd day of the trek back to Woodhaven}

A blood chilling moaning and wailing haunts us all night.

I am awoken by Uriahdyn after the camp is wrestled from their sleep as a high pitch scream splits the night. We can no longer just be wary of the haunted moan as now we must investigate the source of the scream.

Battle and defeat a Skeletal Champion, while saving Syndal (human girl around 15 yrs of age)

Find a Fire Opal as moaning still rises up from the well.

{ends with us finishing the night out in camp}


{Begins with us in camp}

Send Syndal home in the daylight.

Climb down into well into a 2 skeleton ambush, then defeat them. Run into and destroy another Skeletal Champion at the first bend in abandon river channel.

{ends with us in the river tunnel just after the fight with the champion}


{continues with us in the river tunnel}

Chronicles of Neverlost


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