Wildlands of Woodhaven

Valeron's Tower

Mystery of Magic


{Begins with us @ Valeron’s Tower in the morning after resting the evening before}

While searching for an entrance to the tower The Sentinels unlock an illusion trap.
-We managed to stop 3 before the Salamander proved to be beyond our abilities.
Valeron appears and stops the illusions
-He opens the sealed envelope that was a message from Hilthas from “V” (The note tells of an ally and a campaign coming together while bringing “Glory to The Talon
-He also tells us that Atrin is untraceable and an assassin of the highest order, thus beyond our abilities.

{ends with as staying as guests in Valeron’s Tower}


{Begins with us awaking @ Valeron’s Tower}

|Head back to Woodhaven and try to find information about The Talon.
-Uriahdyn goes to see Darven Khole



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