Wildlands of Woodhaven

Road to Valeron

Gnome Wizards???


{begins with us back in Woodhaven}

Content Not Found: Neverlost Content Not Found: Uriahdyn Content Not Found: Branch Content Not Found: Rhyvenn
Mithral Chain Silver Holy Symbol Cloak of Elvenkind (+1)Light steel shield
(1)Composite _(2 increasing)_ Longbow (+1)Warhammer MW Battle axe MW Flail

Leather Armor Maker:Look for burned out oak and the faint path to the right.

Valeron(Gnome Wizard)
|-can help break seal on note|
|-lives in tower 4 days ride NE of Woodhaven|

{stops with us meeting at Falling Mist Fountain in town}


{begins with us splitting up to gather information in Woodhaven}

Content Not Found: Branch_ and _Content Not Found: Neverlost visit The Hall of Twilight
|-visit the fabled map room|
|-meet with Fistus(Sage at the hall)|
|-Neverlost gives Fistus new maps he has drawn from his adventures with The Sentinels|
|-find and copy a map to The Tower of Valeron|

Content Not Found: Uriahdyn_ and _Content Not Found: Rhyvenn Go to River’s End and acquire rooms.
|-speak with Darven Kohle (former adventurer and proprietor of River’s End)|
|Uriah ask Master Kohle to keep an ear open for any word of the hellspawn they encountered at Well of Tortured Souls|
|-sends a messenger to Tavynn Fangblade (captain of the town guard) about the demon sightings.|

Chronicles of Neverlost

Awake the next morning and ride out (Neverlost has saddled the horses) to the Silver Citadel
|-Rhyvenn gives a verbal report to Ilion(Captain in the Order of the Lion)|



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